I’ve been listening to several different podcasts over the last couple of years that deal with body positivity and anti-diet topics. Some of them take on the “wellness industry” and some focus on de-bunking fad diets. Others are empowering and topical. There are many podcasts from the past on these topics that look interesting, but I wanted to share active podcasts that seem to still be posting new episodes.

I’ve compiled a list of 9 current (as of the beginning of 2023) podcasts that I want to share with you. 5 of these I listen to regularly, and 4 of them are new to me, but I’m looking forward to exploring more with them! If you are looking for some new and interesting listening, read on for some suggestions!

Maintenance Phase

This pod is first on my list for a reason. I’ve been an avid listener since the very beginning and it is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. Journalists and authors, Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon host this fascinating, informative, and fun show. The tagline for this show is “Wellness and weight loss, debunked and decoded.” And that sums it up perfectly. These two hosts are well-informed and really good at dissecting actual research, and statistics and finding the truth behind the popular stories in the wellness and weight loss industries. And it is all done from a body-positive perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I Weigh Podcast

Jameela Jamil host this podcast from her I Weigh Community project. This pod is not confined to strictly body or diet issues, but every single show is presented from a body-positive, diversity-inclusive standpoint. From the I Weigh website, you can get a real sense of what type of programming she offers. “Founded in March 2018, I Weigh is a community allyship platform built to share ideas and stories that ultimately mobilize activism.” Every episode I’ve listened to has been informative and empowering as well as entertaining and interesting. I hope you’ll check this one out. It’s well worth the time, in my opinion.

Fierce Fatty

This podcast is from fat activist, Vinny Welsby. Of all the body-positive, anti-diet podcasts I’ve listened to, this one is by far the most fat-activist centered. Which for me, is a good thing. Vinny is intelligent, informative, and gets fired up, which in turn helps me to feel fired up! This podcast helps me to remain centered in the mindset of “I absolutely have the right to exist on this planet, exactly as I am.” It’s amazing to me that after so many years of working on self-esteem and body acceptance in myself that I still need to be reminded of this fact. But I really do, at times. And Fierce Fatty is often just what I need to hear.

Eat The Rules

This is a great podcast from Body Image Coach and author, Summer Innanen. Summer focuses on body image issues, as well as anti-diet, self-help, and feminist topics in this pod. She often has guests with expertise in these areas, and otherwise shares wonderful support and information to help you to break free of body image and food obsession issues that can be disruptive to living our best lives. I listen to this pod when I want to learn new things and to stay on top of my own disordered eating and mental health issues around body image.

Fad Camp

This is a wonderful podcast from Grace Mulvey and Connor Dowling that I more recently discovered. It definitely tackles diet culture head-on, in informative and interesting ways, but with a healthy dose of comedy which makes listening to it all the more delightful. They clearly do their homework to make sure they are giving accurate information, and in just a few episodes I’ve listened to so far, I’ve learned a bunch. It’s always interesting to get these fad diets and other diet culture beliefs debunked because even though I wouldn’t fall for any of them now, I sure latched on to a lot of them in the past. This podcast gives very relevant information that helps you to see why fad diets just don’t work. Plus, being an American, hearing Mulvey and Dowling’s Irish accents only adds to the charm of this lovely little podcast.

Food Psych Podcast

So, now, I’m getting into the territory of podcasts that I have yet to listen to, myself, but that have been referred to me by others I trust. This first one, from Christy Harrison, Ph.D., RD, CERD, was recommended to me because it is a top podcast in the “health” genre. It is mostly an interview-style pod that covers topics around disordered eating, and intuitive eating and debunks some of the stuff that is coming out of the “wellness” industry. The show’s introduction says that this is all done from an anti-diet, body-positive perspective. That’s the important bit to me, and I’ll sure be tuning in soon to this interesting-sounding pod.

The Body Posi Club Podcast

This one is out of New Zealand and it sounds pretty interesting! It is from a company called the Lulah Collective, which is apparently a “body-positive activewear brand designed by curvy babes, for curvy babes.” It is hosted by the founder of this company, Nicole Gaviria, a therapist. It is mostly an interview-style show focusing on various topics around “body positivity, joyful movement, self-care, and self-love!” It seems like it will be an interesting listen, and I’m looking forward to hearing perspectives on this issue from a culture other than my own!

Body Positivity Podcast

Hosted by Diana Gremillion and Arliss-Dudley Cash, this pod seems extra interesting to me because of some of the individual show topics that I’ve read about so far. It seems like they talk about body positivity through more than one lens, including various diverse lenses. The description on the podcast’s website for this one is, “Take a deep dive into the true meaning of self-love and self-acceptance, and what blocks us in today’s modern age.” I’m looking forward to digging into this one. Who doesn’t need to hear more about self-love and self-acceptance?

This Is Not About Your Body

I’m super curious to listen to this recently recommended pod. The host, Jessi Kneeland, says this podcast “explores the intricacies of Body Neutrality, Body Positivity, and body image issues on the whole.” From the individual show notes, it looks like this one will explore an even bigger range of topics having to do with diversity and culture, from a body neutrality and body-positive lens. I’m very interested in expanding my worldview in all of this beyond only anti-diet, diet, and wellness culture critiques and body positivity, and it seems like this might well be the podcast to do it with!


So, that’s it for my list of 9 podcasts that still seem to be streaming new episodes as of the writing of this article (early 2023). As I mentioned at the beginning, there is a multitude of podcasts with the themes of anti-diet and body positivity that are only in an archive, and there are a lot of those that are probably really worth listening to. I like to hear new shows, mostly, so, I wanted to keep this list more up-to-date. However, I do have one show that is still available in an archive that I do want to tell you about.

Dietitians Unplugged! is the podcast that the anti-diet coach I worked with, myself, in my anti-diet journey did. Glenys Oyston, my Dare Not To Diet coach, and her co-host Aaron Flores did this highly informative podcast, and I unreservedly recommend it to you, to listen to, as well! I really loved working with Glenys, and I enjoyed listening to her on this podcast, too.

I hope you get something from this list that will educate you, inspire you, fire you up, and generally just help you along with your own body positivity, and anti-diet journey. If you know of other great podcasts and want to share them with me, I’d love to hear from you! Just head over to my Contact Me page on this website.

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