Here’s a story about attitude that will help you understand why it is the most important thing.

A reporter was sent to a cafe to interview three different men doing exactly the same job – hammering stones.

Asking about how they liked their job, the first one answers, I really hate it. I barely make the money to survive. I’m doing the same stupid thing over and over. My back hurts, I’m getting old, and I absolutely see no sense in what I’m doing.

The second man responds to the same question, saying, “It is not bad, I have a decent house and a nice car. I love my family; yet, I’m not fulfilled with what I’m doing.”

The third man replies, “I love my job. I’m utterly thrilled and I appreciate every day I can be here. I think my work is fantastic as all these stones I am hammering will later be part of the material to build a wonderful temple. A place where many individuals can seek God and a place where numerous individuals will find the strength to overcome struggles and difficulties in their lives. I can’t imagine doing something different – I feel happy every moment.”

Remember – all these individuals are doing the same exact work. It’s only their attitude that makes a completely different individual out of them.

Not only are these individuals all different, they each will be affecting the others around them by their attitudes. It is the basic principle of looking at a glass and seeing it half full or as half-empty. It’s your viewpoint of life that determines you attitude. If you think everything has to be given to you for free, you’re setting yourself up for big disappointment. You’ll spend a lot of time being angry because you will soon discover that nothing comes to you for free. Centering on who you are and what you have will shift your attitude and make you more humble.

Recognize what you do have in life. Go out in nature and recognize the beauty of life. Pick a flower, watch and feel the grace of it.

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