About all you can do in life is be who you are.  -Rita Mae Brown

Oh, I just adore Rita Mae Brown. She is an inspiration to me, in and of herself.

Some years ago, I had read everything she had written, and I got the opportunity to see her in person. She was promoting her autobiography then (I am delighted to say that I own a signed copy of that book!). I was truly inspired by her book, by her talk and just by her, in general.

What I think inspires me most about Rita Mae Brown, is basically encapsulated in today’s inspirational quote. She strikes me as someone who lives her life authentically, and basically, she is probably a “what you see is what you get” kind of gal. Really, it may seem obvious, but so many of us don’t get the truth of this quote! So many of us race around trying to live up to other people’s expectations and maybe even trying to be someone we’re not.

How often have you done that? How often have you changed something about yourself to “fit in?” Something as small as changing the way you dress, your hairstyle, maybe your accent? Or what about something bigger? Have you ever changed (or tried to change) your fundamental personality, morality or general belief system… maybe to get a job, or to “impress” someone, or to be liked or accepted?

I have. Not a lot, and not for long, but yes, I’ve tried to change things about myself in order to make someone else feel more comfortable, or to try to impress someone, or just to “fit in.” But it never lasted. I always had to go back to just being who I am.

It’s frankly just to hard to try to be someone else, or someone your not. It’s hard enough being who we are, sometimes. And if we’re seeking outside approval, before we approve of ourselves… well, it’s darn near impossible. But you know what? It really is okay to just be who you are. If you don’t already have it… Strive to find acceptance for yourself. And then strive to find love for yourself. And know that sometimes in life, about all you can do is just be yourself. And that’s okay.

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