Larger people stop going to the doctor. They don’t get the treatments they need. Focusing on weight loss as treatment can also cause anxiety and stress, trigger eating disorders, and create trauma and other mental health issues.

And Tips for What to do When it Does Dealing with weight stigma or anti-fat bias at the doctor’s office is a common experience for people of higher weight. It can leave us feeling unheard and untreated and can even cause trauma that keeps us from returning to the doctor, even when we may really

Bias and discrimination against people of higher weight are what create weight stigma. It matters because, contrary to popular belief, weight and body size has little to do with being lazy, unmotivated, lacking willpower, or engaging in out-of-control eating. It matters because another person’s body is none of our business. It matters because weight stigma

I was watching something on TV from a few years ago and they were talking about “the war on obesity” and I wondered how it could make sense to wage a war on any particular form of human body. A guy on the show was saying it is obese BEHAVIOR that he is against, not