Intuitive Life Coaching

One Hour Session People choose to work with me in one-on-one sessions to receive intuitive information and work through various situations or events in their lives, as well as to find answers to personal and spiritual questions they may have. This is an intuitive session, usually conducted via phone or[…]

Home And Property Cleansing & Clearing

Energy in a home or at any property can easily get mucked up. People coming and going bring various energy to a property. Sometimes they carry in spirits of those who have passed but not yet crossed over, sometimes they carry in dark entities or other extra-planar beings. Sometimes heavy[…]

Law of Attraction Psychic Reading

We all know the power of the Law of Attraction, and we know that what we think about is what we manifest. But sometimes it seems that no matter how positive we try to be, sometimes it just seems like we are powerless to attract the things we know we[…]