Meditation is to dive all the way within, beyond thought, to the source of thought and pure consciousness. It enlarges the container, every time you transcend. When you come out, you come out refreshed, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life.

    ~David Lynch

What a beautiful and inspirational quote. Much of the beauty of this quote comes from the truth in the statement. Meditation really is the way to dive into the source of thought and to touch pure consciousness. Meditation is a practice that can truly change you… refresh you… fill you with energy and enthusiasm for life.

The reason meditation has such an effect on us is that in this world filled with so much noise and chaos, we lose track of that small, still voice inside of us. That small still voice is the key to our intuition and the key to finding peace. That small still voice is the voice of God, or the Universe, or whatever name you have for the creative force in the universe, inside of us. Through meditation, we can quiet the chaos, silence the noise and listen. Through meditation, we can expand our awareness and our intuition and transcend our existence.

Is There Only One Way to Meditate?

You may think that there is only one way to meditate. You may have heard someone tell you that, or you may have just gotten that idea because of how meditation is sometimes discussed. Many people believe that they have the one and best way to meditate. And that actually serves as a barrier for other people. If a person cannot relate to that “one, best way,” then they may abandon the idea of meditation altogether.

My personal opinion, based on my experience, is that there are many wonderful ways to meditate. The key to good meditative practice is finding the way that works for you to quiet the noise of the world and shut out the chaos, even for just a little while.

Meditation Comes In Many Forms

Some people can sit in silence and empty their minds and sit in traditional meditation easily. Those folks have either trained themselves to do so, or it comes naturally to them. Some people struggle with that type of meditation. Attempting to sit still in silence and trying to empty the mind can cause some people to have extreme anxiety, and they end up feeling like there is something wrong with them or that they must just not be able to meditate. And they give up on the thought of ever being able to make meditation a part of their life.

That’s why I like to help people to see that there are many ways to meditate. For me, the object of meditation is to move the conscious mind over to the side to allow the unconscious and subconscious mind a chance to emerge and be heard. It is in this space that the small still voice resides. Anything that helps the conscious mind to move over will assist the person to get into a real state of meditation.

Your Meditation Practice Should Suit You

There are many ways to achieve a meditative state, but in the end, your practice should suit you. It does not have to be the right way for anyone else but you.

I will just give you a few examples of meditation: journaling, sitting in prayer, using a mantra, doing yoga, guided meditations and visualizations, self-hypnosis, and hypnosis, listening to particular music, and even driving can be a meditative activity. There is a type of meditation called “journey work,” and it entails going on a journey in your mind with the aim of solving a problem, connecting with spirits, and traveling through different planes of reality. Walking in nature, swimming, running, and other forms of exercise can be a passageway to a meditation experience. Depending on how you use these things, they can all be a form of meditation!

You can meditate through art, as well. Some people find that inking in adult coloring pages to be very meditative. Also, there is a style of doodling that some people refer to as “tangle doodling” that can be extremely meditative. This is a repetitive and creative activity that keeps the conscious mind (and the body) busy and allows the unconscious and subconscious thoughts (that small, still voice) to bubble up and be heard. Allowing that voice is allowing the divine to speak to you. That is really all that meditation is. Meditation can be found in creating mandalas or other types of art and creative expressions, such as dance, creating music, or really any type of painting, movement, or sound creation.

The Main Goal Of Meditation

As I’ve stated above, the main goal of meditation is to move the chitter chatter out of your brain and allow space for silence, for your intuition, for the divine, for a deeper connection to nature, or to the Universal consciousness. Whatever your belief system, whatever you feel connected to, outside of yourself, achieving a state of meditation can be good and healthy for you. Studies over time have shown the health benefits of meditation. Health benefits are that it can help lower blood pressure, add to your heart and brain health, and just generally benefit your physical well-being. Meditation is also beneficial to one’s mental health. Engaging in meditative practice can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation as a practice can help you with your spiritual health and help you feel more grounded, and make it easier for you to live in your body.

If you are someone that has stayed away from meditation because you felt like you couldn’t do it, I would encourage you to try some different paths to meditation until you find something that fits you. There is real value in mediating… it does really leave you refreshed, energetic and enthusiastic… and it puts you in touch with the source of thought and pure consciousness. Everyone is different, and this really is not a “one size fits all” kind of world. If you’ve struggled with meditation, I encourage you to keep trying! That small still voice you find in meditation has so much to tell you… all you have to do is find a way to hear it!

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