Yes.  It is true… Pablo Picasso was exactly right… everything you can imagine is real! I believe this to the depth of my soul.

As I have gone through my life, I have come to understand that there are many people who are afraid. They are afraid to dream, they are afraid to imagine and they are afraid to really live. These people tend to allow their fear to get the best of them and while they suppress their own imagination (to keep themselves “safe”), they let that spill over, and they want to make sure to suppress everyone else’s imagination, as well! Somehow they believe this also keeps them safe.

So… because there are so many people that have been living in fear, in many ways we have become a society of the closed mind who will not allow themselves to imagine, to dream… or to really live. And when we do allow our minds to wander, we pull it in very quickly and tell ourselves “that’s not real,” or “that’s not possible.” And then we believe what we tell ourselves.

But what I think, what I believe to be true, what I feel like my experiences in this life have shown me is just what this quote says. Everything I can imagine is real. Really real. Our thoughts DO create our reality. So, if we can think it, if we can imagine it, it really is real.

I have to tell you, I’m no scientist. But, having said that, I can tell you that I’m also no dummy. I know how to listen when the scientists talk, and read when they write. What I get from doing that is that quantum physics IS proving a lot of these things to be true. Yep.

And then, when I think about that… I remember that I used to IMAGINE a world where scientists finally showed us that these things were true. I used to IMAGINE that science finally caught up to what some of us dreamers have always known. So, did I imagine that into reality? Yep… I think so! 🙂

I’ll leave you with that! Blessings!

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