Fortune Sides with Him Who Dares. – Virgil

Oh, how I LOVE this inspirational quote… and it is exactly what I need to hear to help me continue forward on my path!

Maybe there are other people out there like me? I know that I have gifts and talents to offer the world.  I know that I’m capable of adding value and giving help to others’ lives… and yet, I sometimes feel a little shy about it all. Sometimes I feel like I have to stay small… maybe to protect myself, maybe because I worry about what people will think… maybe I’m afraid to fail… or maybe I’m actually just afraid to succeed! But, I KNOW that I’m not here, on this planet, to stay small. I know I’m here to shine brightly and be a beacon for others!  I know this in my soul!

I will tell you a secret… this quote, the reason it is so inspirational… it’s because it is TRUE.  Virgil has it just right. Fortune DOES side with us when we dare… when we dare to hope… when we dare to dream… when we dare to shine our light brightly… when we dare to live our authentic and true lives… when we dare to say that no fear is going to hold me back from creating the life I was meant to create! Fortune REWARDS us for that! I know this because I am living proof! The more I dare to follow my heart and take action to create the life of my dreams, the more I am rewarded with abundance and prosperity!

Fortune wants to share her abundance and prosperity with us all!  She is leaning out towards us, inviting us to dare! Dare to be all that we know we are.  Dare to dig deeper and to live joyously and fulfilled!  She is waiting there to give us what our hearts desire!  All we need do is dare to take those steps towards her.  She is waiting there to meet us!

Today… I hope you will dare to step out a little from your comfort zone… dare to put yourself out there just a little bit bigger, a little bit brighter than you did yesterday.  Take this challenge… invite Fortune to side with you… and you’ll be gifted with Fortune’s smile, too!

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