One thing I do forget sometimes… Grace can bridge the gap. Grace can carry us over the chasms we encounter from time to time. Grace can pick us up and carry us over whatever hurdles or fires we face. It’s okay to relax in the arms of Grace if you are at a point where you don’t know what to do. If you feel confused from trying to work it all out. If you wonder why you are here or what your purpose is… ask for Grace to hold you through the moment… or moments. Ask for Grace to carry you to the other side.

And if you forget to ask for Grace… well, that’s okay too. Pay attention because very often, when we need help but forget to ask for it… that is when Grace is bestowed upon you anyway. That’s why it is called Grace, after all. 

“Our eagerness to throw ourselves into God’s arms is usually so well controlled that we wouldn’t get there very fast unless he snatched us up himself.”   – Louis Everly

One last thought… sometimes Grace comes disguised as a friend willing to walk through the fire with you. Now, that is the sweetest form of Grace. <3

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