Energy in a home or at any property can easily get mucked up. People coming and going bring various energy to a property. Sometimes they carry in spirits of those who have passed but not yet crossed over, sometimes they carry in dark entities or other extra-planar beings. Sometimes heavy emotional energy can take on a life of its own, too. So people can create entities with their own anger, sadness, and grief. Any property can easily become laden with heavy or dark spirits, entities, or energies. This can leave home or property in a state that negatively affects those that live there or spend a lot of time there. Doing an energy cleanse can make that so much better! Driving out negative, dark, or heavy energy and replacing it with love-filled light energy can make a world of difference for any home, office, or other property you spend a lot of time in.

Cleansings & Clearings: Two sides to the same coin

A home or property can be cleansed using tools such as sage, palo santo, incense, cleansing sprays, candles, and crystals. These tools will help to encourage stagnant or negative energy to exit a space. Some of these tools can be used to bring in high vibrational love-filled light energy as well. Crystals and charms can be used to both set specific energy or absorb specific energies, and they can also be used as visual cues and reminders to keep one’s own energy attuned to the high vibrational energy of love and to remind us that our spirit guides are always with us.

A clearing can be done by someone who knows how to work with the energies and can recognize specific types of dark energies and entities to remove them from a property or person. I am trained to do this and work with a team of spirit guides and ascended masters to clear all forms of entities, curses, portals, and other pandimensional energies and extra-planar entities. While a cleansing may be enough to get the energy of your home or property feeling more livable, sometimes a professional clearing can be necessary to make sure the space is truly cleared and cleansed.

I offer remote clearings for any home, property, or space. I accomplish the clearing through email communication with the person requesting the clearing, and then I work with my celestial team to accomplish the clearing. Then, I send you an email report detailing what my team and I did and what we found and cleared. A remote clearing comes with one follow-up email, so any questions you have may be answered. My team and I have had great success with our remote clearings and have made a difference for many, many people by clearing their homes or other frequently used space. Remote clearings can be helpful when you are selling your home, buying a new home, or for places of business and work spaces, as well.

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