Lakshmi  is the Hindu Goddess of good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), and she is considered as the embodiment of beauty. She is wife of the God Vishnu.

Lakshmi is also known as Mahalakshmi.  It is believed that she protects her devotees from all forms of misery and money-related trouble and sadness and is thought to bring good luck to those who call upon her.

The story of Lakshmi is that she is called Shree or Thirumagal because she is endowed with six propitious and divine traits, and also because she is the source of strength, even to her husband Vishnu.  In the Hindu lore, when the God Vishnu incarnated on the Earth (as Rama and Krishna), Lakshmi also incarnated as his companion (as Rama’s wife, Sita and Krishna’s lover, Radha).*

Lakshmi is associated with the Lotus flower, which is a symbol of spiritual growth and enlightenment.  She can be called upon when you are in need of a new understanding of your spiritual path, and to help move towards greater spiritual illumination.

Lakshmi often brings in a very soft, dark pink light.  The light may be swirling with the golden energy that she also holds and brings.  She can help you to feel more relaxed and able to go with the flow of things.  She is willing to help you to create abundance of all kinds in your life and will give you guidance as to what path to follow to create what you want.  She is capable of giving you access to prosperity and good luck and divine beauty in your life!

As with all manifesting – be impeccable with your thoughts when asking Lakshmi for help.  Remember that you can have an abundance of hard luck, drama and trauma, if that is what you focus on.  Lakshmi will always help you to receive what you desire -so be sure of what you truly want!  Whatever you think about expands, and Lakshmi will assist you with that expansion!

Just know, however, that Lakshimi, as with all the assistance from the other side, always prefers to help you reach joy and peace, through the path of least resistance… so when you call on her for help, remain open to hearing her guidance.  She will always help you adjust your thinking to help you follow the most direct and easiest path to all of the good things you desire in your life… if you will listen to her guidance!

If you want to honor Lakshmi and consciously invite her into your life, you can keep some golden coins around.  You can also burn dark pink candles and have images of lotus flowers, or Lakshmi herself in view.  If you want a more direct and tangible reminder of Lakshmi to keep in your space, you can always find statues of her (of varying size) to purchase and display in your home.

*Historical information source: 

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