You know, the interesting thing about life is that things can work out well in so many different ways. Sometimes we think we know what we want (or what we think we should want), and so we form this picture in our heads of how it “should” be.

But, I think this is where so much heartache comes from. Because if it doesn’t turn out that way, we get sad. And when we are sad, we tend to close our eyes to other possibilities and in doing that, we shut down everything wonderful that might be trying to happen.

There is more than one way for happiness and love to show up. There is more than one way to find joy and fulfillment in our lives. There are so many possibilities under the sun that it would probably astound you if you knew just how many there were. Our human brains don’t always possess the knowledge we need (or even the capacity) to imagine some of the possibilities out there. That’s why I say to live in the mystery. When you let go and allow for possibilities that you cannot imagine just yet, that’s when miracles appear. And that’s when you find out that life can actually be better than you ever imagined, or ever even could imagine.

As Richard Bach put it in Illusions: “The original sin is to limit the Is. Don’t.” Wise words my friend. Wise words.

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