Life finds a way to challenge me… a lot. And somehow, I find a way to move forward and to love and to live anyway… even when the weight of so much seems to rest on my shoulders. There are times when I don’t feel very cheerful or happy and there are times when joy seems miles away. It is in those moments that I pray and ask Creator and my angels and guides to stay by my side, to hold my hand and at times, even to hold me up. They always respond, and they are always there, and I promise that I have seen more miracles than you might ever believe.

Things may not always change in an instant, and sometimes I just have to sit with my sadness or my grief or my pain – or just walk through whatever experience I am having. But that’s okay. That’s feeling my humanity, and it just IS. Eventually the wheel turns and I find myself in a different part of the human experience, yet again.

I wanted to share this… because I know there are others that find life to be a heavy burden sometimes, and others who hurt and feel sad and who grieve… and I just want you to know that this is normal, and truly just a part of the human experience. And I want you to know that you are not alone. Ever.

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