Spirit spoke to me a long time ago and asked me to make an offering to folks who feel they would like to get a reading from me but may be constrained by finances. So, I offer the “Pay as You Feel Guided” Reading to anyone who feels moved to request a phone Intuitive Tarot Reading from me.

I only ask that if I’ve never worked with you before that you contact me to schedule the reading and let me know that you understand that I am not a “fortune teller” type of reader, but instead, my readings are always geared toward finding growth, change, and the path to more peace in your life. You can also let me know, generally, why you are wanting a reading at this time. I like to make sure we’re a good fit so no one feels their time is wasted.

To give you a little more information about my Intuitive Tarot Readings: I may be able to tell you the trajectory of the course of your current situation, and if you would like to change that trajectory, I am also able to read in the cards what might help you to steer things in a different direction. My readings are soul-nourishing, and while I may be able to read in the cards a certain amount of information about current circumstances, my goal is to help you to a greater understanding of how you came to be in your current circumstances, whatever they may be, and to grow and go from there.

As these Intuitive Tarot readings are a full, regular reading, helping to answer all of the questions you may have at the time of the call, most people opt to pay me somewhere between $50 and $100, however, I’m fully committed to accepting whatever you feel guided to pay, with you taking into consideration your satisfaction with our time spent together, your own financial situation and your ability to pay. I leave it entirely in your hands.

I reserve time in my schedule each week to offer these “Pay as You Feel Guided” Readings, so, feel free to contact me today to schedule your time. You can contact me through my Contact Page on this website by clicking HERE.

Please note that my Intuitive Tarot Readings are conducted over the phone, only. Thank!

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