Before you use this meditation, you may like to take a few moments to think about the person whose energy you are releasing from your energy field. This person is likely someone who you are wanting to become detached from, and this is a positive thing! Understand that no matter what the relationship with this person is like for you… positive, negative or a roller coaster ride, it is always better for you to remove their energy from your field. Our goal is to become sovereign, and to be able to stand in our own power, and to be clear of any others’ energy. This is a huge step towards breaking karmic patterns, stepping into our own power and living our soul purpose!

So, just take a few moments to think about the person whose energy you want to release… (you may even choose to journal about this person and your relationship, if you need to have more clarity before you do the release, or you may know that you are ready to release this energy now) and know that no matter what your relationship with that person is like, it is best for all involved for you to release this energy. Know that Source (God, Goddess, Universe, Creator or whatever you call the creative force in the universe) will handle this energy and do with it what is the highest and best for all involved in the situation.

Whether you would like to bless or curse this person in your own mind, set the intention right now that you are leaving this in the hands of Source and that Source will do (and always does) what is best. Do this for yourself. Do this so that you can release this energy with the highest vibration possible.

Now… get somewhere where you can relax, and be safe and comfortable and listen to the meditation.



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