One Hour Session

People choose to work with me in one-on-one sessions to receive intuitive information and work through various situations or events in their lives, as well as to find answers to personal and spiritual questions they may have.

This is an intuitive session, usually conducted via phone or video chat where we focus on whatever issues or problems you have in your life. Sometimes we may just stay talking together and sometimes it might be nice to do a reading or talk to your guides or angels. 

Here are some examples of things I can help you out with:

  • Exploring your spirituality (you may have questions about your intuitiveness, how to do tarot, or how to engage with spiritual practices such as connecting with your guides or mindfulness and meditation)
  • Relationships (these could be love, family, friendships or business relationships)
  • Personal goals (finding more joy and fulfillment in your life, living more authentically and learning to love yourself and your life)

Generally, I have found that keeping an open heart and mind as we go into it works the best rather than having a strict, first we do this, then we do that kind of session. 

I’d Love to Connect with you! Click HERE to send me an email and we’ll set up a time to get together!

About me… I have been on a lifelong spiritual journey to figure it out (and someday I may just get there!) 
I started talking to Jesus when I was 3 and talking to animal spirits when I was six, and have just gone on from there! I have developed the ability to communicate with spirits and guides by growing with them over the years and can use those connections to help you figure out your goals and dreams.

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