Here’s a thing I know. People today are no worse or better than any other time in history. We always want to say how bad things are and how bad people are, and we pick on the younger generation (or older generation in some cases), saying how they do things wrong. There’s so much stuff flying around about how “delicate” everyone is (pick your group… it is being said about many different ones!) and a bunch of similar nonsense. Frankly, I’m just tired of hearing it.

Here’s something that I think about. People are people. We, as humans, are individuals. Seriously. That’s what we are, that is what we are meant to be. We incarnated here to have this individual experience. Some people are kind, some are mean, some are strong, some are fragile, some are full of love and some are full of hate… and some are all of that and everything in between.

I feel strongly that it would behoove us all to stop trying to put each other into boxes, groups, etc. I know that some people self-select into various groups, but even so… even so, they are individuals. I wonder what would happen if we all treated each other like the individuals we are, and stopped throwing out insults and mean-spirited labels about this group or that, and all the people that are contained within those groups.

I have always lived my life by the notion that it is unhelpful to pre-judge anyone, or to “judge a book by its cover” or to take another person’s word for what someone is or isn’t. I have gone to great lengths in my lifetime to allow each individual that I meet to show me, personally, who they are or aren’t and to make up my own mind about whether they are someone I want to have in my life or not. This has served me well in my life. I’ve had incredible friendships with people I was told were horrible in one way or another, and I’ve been disappointed by people who others have told me were the best people in the world. The only thing I know, for sure, is that when I allow people the space and time to show me who they are, to me, it is always perfect, whatever the outcome.

And while I’m at it, I’m just going to ask… can we also quit judging people (and getting SO angry!) based on what they wear, how they style their hair, what tattoos or piercings they do or do not have? Seriously, what difference does it make to you if a guy wants to wear a bun on his head, or let their pants sag? What difference does it make to you if a girl wears tight clothing or colors her hair or has tattoos?

I just feel that if we tend our own gardens, have our own individual relationships, choose for ourselves what we feel comfortable with in our own bodies and minds, and leave everyone else to do the same, the world would be quite a bit more happy… and peaceful.
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