What do you think about this line of reasoning? Personally, I think that there are definitely at the very least, kernels of truth here. But I also think that the deeper truths are always more complex than popular thought or quick spiritual summaries can truly encompass. However, I think these kinds of things are worth spending some time pondering and deciding what parts actually fit into my own personal life philosophy. I’d love to know what you think. -Donna

Most of us know what it is to be happy, at least some of the time. Each person on this planet is pretty much just striving to be happy. Happiness is the most natural state of being that we all know from the time of our birth – it is our birthright. It’s a state of being that we recognize as our true self – who we truly and deeply are.

Unfortunately, for most of us, this natural state of happiness does not last. It gets replaced by a driving force to survive, which typically feels more like the opposite of being happy. The reason we’re doing this is surprisingly simple – because we’re told to do so.

  • Our family tells us what to believe and feel
  • Our government tells us what to believe and feel
  • Our society tells us what to believe and feel

Source of Happiness

The world-view of our culture tells us that we humans operate similarly to a mechanical device. This view tells us that everything is ruled by cause and effect, and almost everything can be replaced when it is damaged. Additionally, in our culture, we  learn about the concept of the survival of the fittest from a very early age.

These two ideas come together to condition us to accept that individual human beings must function in a state of mechanical perfection or we will be replaced by more perfectly functioning cogs in the system.

These old concepts have led to a society that is completely self-centered, ego-driven, irresponsible and environmentally destructive. They’ve led us to a cult of happiness seekers who get their adrenaline rush by buying more useless stuff on a day-to-day basis – all in a subconscious attempt to keep the illusion of perfection.

We have been conditioned to consume the world around us in an effort to attain this illusory perfection, and it shows in our daily lives. Plainly put, we work at places we do not like in order to buy stuff we do not need. We have forgotten that the source of happiness lies within the center of our spiritual being, and we have replaced it by seeking it in the material world. We have things backwards.

Where does this mindset come from: Desire? Wanting something? Bettering ourselves?

Take a good look at your life right now. Where do you live? What does your furniture look like? What sort of car do you drive? How much money is in your bank account? Look in the mirror – how do you look? Everything has been manifested one way or the other, by you. You may not be aware of how far-reaching your ability to manifest truly is in all its aspects. Are all of your thoughts responsible for this? Yes! Whatever you see in the physical universe has been created in one way or the other by your thoughts. Your thoughts are the drafts of what later becomes physical form.

Everything starts with a thought. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to your thoughts. If you sit around and worry about getting all those bills paid you’ll create more of the same thing – more worry and more bills, simply because that is what you’ve spent your time thinking about!

Your thoughts are nothing more than frequencies or vibrations that resonate with similar vibrations already existing. Fascinating, isn’t it? You would like to be able to control your views, given that they create your reality. If you are able to control your thoughts, you are able to control what you would like to create and manifest in your life.

If you cannot control your thoughts, things will manifest that seem random and unconnected to you – and they are – they’re actually manifested from others. Your consciousness is like a radio station.

You can send signals and programs and you can receive signals and programs. Sometimes you may want to receive and sometimes you may want to send.

To know when to send and when to receive is one of the greatest success factors in life. It’s the balance of knowing when to create and when to experience. You cannot constantly create because you would miss out on the other part of the experience. On the other hand, if you only experience things, you’ll never get to manifest anything.

Another way of putting it would be responsive responsibility – the ability to consciously respond. In every moment, you have a choice about what you want to do, and what you want to decide. If you don’t exercise this power, nothing happens in your life – at least not what you want. 

Happiness is the state of being of our true self, which we have deeply recognized from birth. We lose sight of the source of our happiness through a variety of cultural, social, educational, environmental and relational conditioning. When we respond to life from our true selves rather than from our conditioned selves, we are able to manifest what we want.

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