How Can Crystals Help with Anxiety?

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Crystals have been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy to reduce stress and anxiety. They are believed by many to contain powerful healing energies that can help balance the mind, body, and spirit. In recent years, crystals have become increasingly popular as an alternative way to manage anxiety.

Anxiety and stress can be debilitating, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and unable to cope. Crystals are used by many folks to provide emotional balance and healing. From grounding stones to calming gems, crystals can help you find peace of mind and relaxation. I’ve been using crystals and stones for years to help me sleep and meditate, to help me feel happier, and yes, to help with anxiety and stress, and I’d like to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with you. Crystals can be a resource, in your overall mental health toolbox, to help your anxiety and reduce stress levels. Read on for the details! 

How to Choose the Right Crystal for Relieving Anxiety

Crystals can be a powerful tool in relieving anxiety and calming the mind. But, with so many different types of crystals available, it can be a hard decision when it comes to finding which one is right for you.

A good place to start is by giving you a list of some of the more common crystals that are used for stress and anxiety most frequently. This will give you a place to start when thinking about selecting crystals for your own personal use. From there, though, it does become a personal choice and what you feel when you touch and hold one of these crystals in your hands. 

As a general rule, I recommend picking up several different crystals and seeing which one “speaks” to you the most. However, I know that it isn’t always easy to find a shop that sells crystals, and many times you might find that you have to shop for crystals online. That’s okay. Again, just start by looking at the crystals in this list, and then let the crystals “speak” to you through their picture. You can get a good sense of whether one crystal will be better than another simply by noticing how they make you feel when you look at them. Is the color pleasing? The shape? Can you tell how the size might feel in your hand? Will it be smooth or rough? Which would you prefer?

As funny as it may sound, I think quite often that the crystal ends up picking me, rather than the other way around. In the end, you can just experiment with different crystals to see what feels the best to you and what you are drawn to with the idea of helping your anxiety and reducing stress. There is no right or wrong answer, to be completely honest.

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10 Essential Crystals You Should Use for Anxiety Relief & Stress Management

1. Rose Quartz This crystal is said to be very calming and soothing, as it can relieve symptoms of mild depression and stress. It’s also helpful for emotional healing, as it has a tendency to encourage self-love and acceptance of emotional pain. Rose quartz can be an excellent choice for those who are experiencing anxiety attacks or panic attacks. This stone can bring a sense of calm and gentleness when held.

2. Amethyst is a great stone for positive thinking and helping you feel more relaxed in any situation. It may also help with anxiety, particularly when it comes to social anxiety. The purple color of amethyst is said to help people maintain a positive outlook and the stone can reduce stress, anger, and frustration. It may also be helpful for those who have difficulty sleeping.

3. Citrine helps you get more out of life by bringing your personal goals into focus as well as improving your self-confidence. The yellow-orange gemstone will encourage you to live every day with purpose and lots of excitement – making it a great crystal for those going through stressful times that are inhibiting their happiness or positive moods.

4. Topaz is a powerful stone that gives you the courage to honor your true feelings and think outside of the box when it comes to your thoughts, feelings, and desires. The brilliant golden color of this stone will assist you in understanding who you are and what makes you happy – reminding you of your own self-worth.

5. Sodalite is a crystal with a name that means “noble stone” or “stone of frankness.” This stone can help where honesty is needed, including in love relationships and friendships. Its blue-purple hue offers a calming and soothing effect, often helping with emotional healing.

6. Turquoise is typically a stone of peace, stability, and serenity. It can help you find your own balance amid chaos or turmoil in your life or relationships. This stone can remind you of the past and look to the future with hope as well as provide an antidote to fear by grounding you in the present moment.

7. Jade is a stone that has been used throughout history for powerful healing properties – even during China’s Qing Dynasty when it was widely used as a symbol of health, strength, prosperity, and longevity. The stone’s detoxifying properties help to clear the mind, promote restful sleep and reduce stress. 

8. Clear Quartz is said to be a beacon of clarity and truth, helping you find your path in life with grace. It is also believed to enhance the ability of other stones by amplifying energy transmission and giving off a strong vibrational frequency that can help activate chakras and bring profound healing.

9. Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue gemstone that has been prized since ancient times. There are many legends about Lapis lazuli and its journey from the sky to Earth, including being a gift from the gods to mortals. Lapis Lazuli helps us with spiritual development. It is said to aid in opening wisdom chakras and aid in understanding our higher self or true self. Lapis lazuli is also known for increasing creativity and clarity of thought.

10. Garnet is a red stone, similar in color to ruby gemstone. It helps us to feel stronger and more resilient in dealing with challenging times. This stone can help us to overcome obstacles in our lives by reminding us of how strong we really are!

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5 Ways to Use Crystals To Help Anxiety and Reduce Stress

Crystals offer a natural solution to dealing with the everyday pressures of life. Whether you’re looking for a way to calm yourself and relax or need some extra support in managing your anxieties, crystals can be a powerful tool. Here are five ways to use crystals to help anxiety and reduce stress: 

  1. Meditate with a stone to reduce stress and calm anxieties 
  2. Just sit with calming crystals in your hands as you watch TV or read or listen to music. Or set them around your desk while you work or on your coffee table while you play on your phone. You can even get crystal lamps and other decor items that will not only help to have a calming effect on yourself but a beautifying effect on your surroundings.
  3. Wear crystal jewelry as an emotional support system to keep your crystals in contact with your body. There are beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets you can buy to wear daily.
  4. Create a crystal grid or layout around your home and office. You can find crystal grid guides that will help you find the right layout for adding calming energy to your environment. You can read more about crystal grids in my article, Unlocking the Power of Crystal Grids.
  5. Practice healing techniques such as Reiki or sound therapy that can be done by incorporating crystals.

By following these and other known practices, or by creating your own, you can use the power of crystals to help your anxiety, reduce your stress levels and find inner peace.

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