I was watching something on TV from a few years ago and they were talking about “the war on obesity” and I wondered how it could make sense to wage a war on any particular form of human body. A guy on the show was saying it is obese BEHAVIOR that he is against, not obese PEOPLE. And his “NO CHUBBIES” t-shirt was just a testament to that. Obviously, he was just trying to help. Of course.

When I was in high school I remember the popular boys used to wear caps that said “No Fat Chicks” with that big red circle with a slash through it. One guy (or more, most likely) had a t-shirt that said “Save the whales… Date a fat chick.” I suppose those guys were only being good soldiers in the war against obesity. I suppose they didn’t hate me and girls like me as much as they appeared to… they were probably just trying to do us a favor and motivate us to be healthy and give up our “obese behavior” right?

(By the way… in high school, I used to eat a pomegranate for lunch. That’s all, just a pomegranate because it would keep me busy for the entire period and it kept my mind off of being hungry. I also used to measure every calorie I took in and made sure to exercise enough to burn that much or more each day. Hmmmm. I wonder why that didn’t work?)

The video by OskarTBrand that I’ve included below shows one of the tactics used in the war. As we know, propaganda and the media are POWERFUL weapons in any war. If you look at it, all this advertising and media meant to make us buy more stuff to combat the horrors of fat and other “ugliness” … well, they are just one more tool in the toolbox for the warriors.

Or are they (the product advertisers) what started the war, to begin with? Hmmmm… something to ponder, I suppose.

I have been a casualty of this war my whole life. I’ve had this war waged against me from the outside for so long that it became an internal war. And I became the best at attacking me. Despite what “good intentions” some say they have by waging a “war on obesity” the truth is that it is a war on people. Women are most often the biggest target and casualty, but all of this stuff is a war on human beings. And like any good war, it is driven solely by profit.

Because if all those people with “good intentions” who are “only trying to help” people live healthier lives and to feel better and who are just oh so concerned for us were actually motivated by what they say they are motivated by… well, they would focus on teaching us how to love ourselves. Exactly as we are. It’s really okay to not buy the hype. Or the magazines.

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