There are many reasons to do an energetic clearing and/or blessing of your home or workplace.

Sometimes buildings and homes can feel heavy, or may seem to be filled with unexplained tension that may lead to arguments with the people that live in or share the space, or cause the occupants and visitor to feel sad, depressed or anxious.  Sometimes unhappy, emotional energy, from past or current occupants can build up in a space, and sometimes spirits or entities can occupy a building. In these cases, these energies  need to be removed from the space.

Many times, clearing energy, spirits or other entities from a home can help improve communication within families and others that share the same space.  Clearing a home or workplace can create a more peaceful environment in which to live or do your job.  Clearing a business, itself, can create the space for the business to grow to become more bountiful and prosperous.

With a House or Business Clearing, you can experience a shift away from heavy, burdensome feelings in a space, create balanced energy and comfort in the building, providing for a peaceful sanctuary to escape from life’s worries.  Following the clearing with a House or Business Blessing can often bring extra happiness, joy and abundance to the building and its occupants!

Selling or Buying a Home or Building?

House clearings/blessings: if you are selling/buying a home that feels uncomfortable, the property can be cleared and blessed, inside and out. Donna will remove the energy of a previous owner or renters and return the property to a neutral state, for a fresh start.  After the space is cleared, she can also perform a shamanic blessing in the building, to create a positive and welcoming environment.

Realtors and Property Managers

Do you have a commercial property or house for sale or rent? Has it been on the market longer than you’d like? Not getting showings? Is there heavy energy or a general feeling of discomfort on the property? Has there been emotional strife, divorce, criminal activity foreclosure, or death that has occurred on or near the property you are trying to sell or rent?

A house clearing and/or blessing can help you and your seller promote a sale by creating a warm and welcoming feeling on the property when prospective buyers/renters walk the property.  Also, the simple act of clearing and/or blessing the property can help to create a beacon for the most desirable buyer or renter to notice your ad or listing and find you and the property!

I offer remote clearings and even a DIY Cleansing kit

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